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Our Food

Check out our bbq menu below. Available in house or take out. Kitchen Hours: 12pm to 8pm


We love experimenting with different styles of smoking and serving BBQ, and since our results don't land on any such style in particular, we've dubbed the Highside style as Coloradoque! Come on down, and give it a shot. We can't imagine you'll be dissapointed!

Stumps Smokers

We use custom made smokers from Stumps Smokers in Centerville, GA. They make the best damn smokers on the planet, and coupled with the expertise of our pitmaster, we’d put the meat coming out of our kitchen up against the best of the best.

Stump's Smokers
BBQ nachos
Baby Back Ribs

Quality over quantity

Here at Highside we’re all about quality over quantity and understand that taking shortcuts is just a fast track to a bad reputation. So in an effort to ensure we’re smoking the best grade meat we can, we’ve partnered with Harris Ranch in California, a local farm in Eastern Colorado and are sustainably sourcing salmon from a farm in Norway.