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It's summer in the high country! Come enjoy a cold beer or grab a 4-pack to go in Breckenridge, Frisco or Fairplay Colorado!

Diverse, Balanced, Locally Driven

At Highside Brewing Company we want everyone to find and enjoy a beer they absolutely love. This means creating a unique and diverse beer line-up. Regardless of style, we strive for well-balanced and well-executed beers that evolve beer culture, and we are constantly pushing ourselves to improve the sustainability of our brewery by locally sourcing as many raw materials possible.


There’s nothing more exciting than meeting someone who says, “I don’t really like beer.” Talk about an opportunity. We make it a goal to have options on tap that change the way people see beer. From light to dark, malty to tart, bitter to sweet, we love having range, and nothing makes us happier than seeing that wow look on a person’s face when they try something in or out of their wheelhouse.

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At the center of a quality beer, you’ll find balance. It’s typically the ends of the spectrum that over power your palate and create a less desirable experience. We make it a goal to find that balance, and execute our styles with the utmost precision, creating an excellent experience with every sip.


Brewing beer with fresh local ingredients not only increases the quality of our beer but helps boost the economy. We visit our local suppliers and build up relationships to ensure that our materials are fresh and produced in an environmentally sound way.

Bourbon Barrel Aged Maneater