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Winter is here, and we're pouring beer! Come enjoy a cold one or grab a 4-pack to go in Breckenridge, Frisco, or Fairplay Colorado!

Doin’ Good, Havin’ Fun

The concept originated with the way our owner, David Axelrod’s, girlfriend’s grandfather would give gifts to his grandchildren. Whenever the kids would go over to Grandpa’s house, Grandpa would hand to them an envelope with the words, “doin’ good” written across it. He would tell them to go out into the community and find a way to use that money for good. The kids would perhaps find a person struggling with homelessness, and buy them a new pair of shoes, or a blanket to help them get through the winter. Then, when they returned, their Grandfather would give them another envelope with, “havin’ fun” written instead. He would tell them to go out and get whatever they wanted: candy, ice cream, toys, anything they would have fun with. Decades later this concept at the backbone of our organization.

Community Partners


We are lucky enough to call Frisco home, a place where we can enjoy everything that the Colorado mountains have to offer. We are passionate about this area and want to preserve it for generations to come. When we started Highside, we made sustainability one of our core values and hit the books to see how we can reduce our environmental footprint as a business.

The view of Mountains from the taprroom

Moving in the right direction

Within the first two years, we spent $70,000 upgrading our boilers to be more energy-efficient, we removed toxic refrigeration units and rebuilt and insulated the building. Our commitment to sustainability went into every decision we made, down to the choice of LED light bulbs to illuminate the taproom more efficiently. We built out a recycling program and partnered with a local cattle farmer to reduce and reuse turning our spent grain into cattle feed.

This is just the beginning. We know we can do more, which is why in phase two we have plans to start a comprehensive composting program, grow our current recycling program, load up the roof with solar panels, and winterize the building’s windows, taking us to a state of zero-emission.

Donation Request

Giving back to the community is an essential part of our business. If you are interested in applying for a donation or sponsorship, please fill out the form below and provide us with as much information as possible. All requests must be made at least 14 days in advance.