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It's summer in the high country! Come enjoy a cold beer or grab a 4-pack to go in Breckenridge, Frisco or Fairplay Colorado!

Summit Suds: Exploring the popularity of Pilsners

Beer in the outside beer garden

Exploring the popularity of Pilsners – Swim Beer, and spicy 4 Pepper Pils.

HighSide Brewing has two Pilsners. There’s the standard Swim Beer that’s nice and biscuity at 5.2% ABV, and then it has the 4 Pepper Pils. The brewery takes the same base beer and infuses Anaheim, poblano, Serrano and habanero peppers. For the heat-adverse, it smells spicier than it tastes. There’s enough pepper to make the profile interesting but not overpowering.

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